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Women love a well-groomed man.


Haircut   35–45+

Child Haircut   23-28+

Teen Cut (13–19)   28-34+

Style   30–35+

Color   67-75+

Hilite or Foil   90-106+

Men's gray blending   30–31+

Eyebrow Color   13+

Perm   75-85+

Neck Trim   5+

*Long hair extra


Sports Manicure   29+

Sports Pedicure w/o polish  44+


Brow   15+

Nose   12–15+

Back   65+

Chest  50+

Ear   10+

What Our Clients Say

Mary Lou Reiter

I love the atmosphere and friendliness of the stylists and schedulers. I always look forward to a great experience each appointment. I Contempo Salon Spa! I always leave with a hairstyle that looks and just makes me feel so good!

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